Voltage stabilisers used in non-stable, low or high city mains voltage’s.

The voltage stabilisers usable when main voltage's conditions change depending on voltage consumption increase.

Also the voltage stabilisers usable for avoid from non-stable & non-efficient main voltage's risks and it's possible bad effects to user devices.

A voltage stabiliser produce as a electronic or electromechanical. And it's aim is serve keep stable output voltage when main voltage's is low, high or non-stable.

There are different voltage stabiliser varieties like servo motor controlled, microprocessor controlled, with manual circuit breaker, relay type, IGBT controlled and thyristor controlled.

Also these voltage stabiliser varieties have different advantage and disadvantage relative to each other. But with technological improvements the most advantageous type is thyristor controlled Static Voltage Stabilisers.

Response speed, long working life, low working temperature, flexible running limits are better than other types. Also it's maintenance cost is much lower.

Varsan Statik voltage stabilisers includes high technology thyristor module and also extra hardwares for present highest protection, fastest informing & warning and best efficiency.